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Robert's has a financial presentation to helps a wide variety of groups, from business owners and executives, to employees and associations, as well as retirees and high school and college graduates. His charismatic and humorous style allows his audiences to get educated in an entertaining way as he creates a memorable experience that touches both the mind and the heart. With thought-provoking insights, vivid stories, and a frequent dose of humor, he reaches audiences in a way they do not forget.

Employers, groups, and associations describe his presentations as engaging and enlightening because of his ability to transfer knowledge and build new skills. In this manner he provides not only guidance but also the motivation people need to achieve the retirement and financial life they deserve.

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Popular Presentations:

Retirement Wellness: Insightful tips, real-life strategies, and motivational ideas for time actually spent in retirement, rather than the time leading up to it. Key topics include replacing oneís work identity, defining relationship wants and needs, strategies for creating a healthy and social lifestyle, and how to combat the darker side of retirement.

This presentation can also be formatted to address Sudden Retirement to help those who have been forced, or unexpectedly ushered, into retirement due to a buyout, company closing, layoff, or other circumstance.

Naked Retirement: Flirting with retirement or thinking about going all the way? This is a fun and creative approach to retirement that strips away all the numbers and addresses the mental, social, and health related aspects of retirement. Create a one-page Naked Retirement Plan, build a retirement curious list, and answer the three most important questions that will change your life in retirement forever.

Fixed Income Investing For Retirees: Increase your retirement income with professional strategies and techniques for conservative investors. Learn what you need to know and ask before investing in another CD, bond, bond fund, or annuity. Uncover fees that can rob your retirement savings and how to spot costly annuity sales tactics.

Retirement Past, Present, and Future: Explores the history of retirement and the events that continue to reshape it for baby boomers and future generations. Learn how the current financial and political landscape is impacting retirement, and then prepare for the future with 5 revealing trends that are changing retirement forever.

The Five Most Important Financial Things They Don't Teach You In School: Life changing presentation that helps high school and college students get ready for the financial world. This interactive presentation covers critical financial concepts including how to increase your income, stand out in the crowded job market, start saving, investing, and the importance of credit and a good credit score.

Financial Planning Without Numbers: Empowering presentation that helps participants go from spending mode to savings mode and stop living paycheck-to-paycheck. A powerful alternative to traditional budgeting, this presentation helps participants take their financial lives to a deeper level by focusing them on why they spend instead of how much they spend. Explore your financial past, find out why youíre not where you should be, and get back on track.


Robertís presentations provide the tools and techniques to dramatically change financial lives and position attendees to achieve the financial lives they deserve.

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