Investors & Retirees

SYNERGOS Financial Group was established by Robert Laura and Drummond Osborn who together have over four decades of investment and retirement planning experience. Throughout their careers they have managed in excess of $100 million for several publicly traded companies and banks. Together, they maintain five industry designations and belong to numerous national as well as local professional associations.

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What does it take to retire well today? What can new, existing, and soon-to-be retirees do to live a happy, healthy, and connected retirement? The first step is realizing that retirement isn't just about money. It's about you... your relationships, legacy, body, mind, and spirit. Securing a satisfying retirement in today's world means spending some time outside of the dollars and cents to strengthen your relationships, develop wellness habits, and prepare for the mental, social, and physical aspects of retirement.

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The Dividend Paycheck program is a specialized platform for both individual investors as well as financial professionals. It was developed to create retirement income through the use of dividend paying, individual stocks. The overall goal was to assemble information and resources that investors could use to build portfolios that:

  • Provide more annual income than popular ETFs, mutual funds, and other packaged products.
  • Offer more consistent payments, and in some cases, a monthly paycheck.
  • Combat inflation by offering access to companies that have a history of raising their dividend, even during down or bear markets.
  • Minimize portfolio management expenses including sales charges, fund expenses, administration fees, and 12b-1 trailing products.
  • Provide long-term opportunities for investors seeking growth in addition to income.

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