Financial Professionals

I realize more and more financial professionals want to help clients not only prepare for the financial aspects of retirement but also make sure their clients live a happy, healthy, and connected retirement.

My workshops, guides, and newsletter bring your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes about retirement to life. When I discuss my programs with other financial professionals the most common response I get is, "This is exactly what I have been thinking about and wanting to do... and you've already done all the work for us - that's great."

I have developed targeted material to help add value to existing relationships and Centers of Influence, as well as help prospects get to know you, like you, trust you, and do business with you.

One click set-up means all that you have to do is add a "Retirement Wellness" tab or link to your existing website and email signature and the program is ready to work for you.

It's interactive, customizable, and takes life planning to a new, refreshing level. Use the program to:

  • Network and start planning conversations
  • Strengthen existing relationship
  • Develop an online blog or social media presence

Visit the Retirement Project to learn more.